Bucket List

1. Complete a Sky Dive.
2. Ride a ‘l’etape de Tour’ (Alp d’ heuz stage)
3. Complete a Triathlon. (Full length or iron man)
4. Own my own Business with at least £100,000 retained profit per annum.
5. Own an Aston Martin (DBS/DB9S or equivalent)
6. Visit all 7 continents.
7. ***InterRail Travel: Completed August 2009***
8. Raise at least £10,000 for charity. (in one go)
9. Do a bungee jump.
10. ***Attend an Olympic games: Completed Summer 2012***
11. Obtain at least a masters (allow honorary Phd’s)
12. Visit the 7 wonders of the world.
13. Visit the edge of Space/ visit Space. (dependant on technology)
14.***ToughGuy: Completed January 31st 2010***
15. Learn at least 2 other languages fluently
16. Take part in the Cannonball Run
17. Run a Marathon (big 3: London, New York, Boston) ***London Marathon: Completed April 2012***
18. Witness something truly breathtaking.
19. Complete a Marathon De sables
20. Become a qualified helicopter pilot.
21. ***Climb Kilimanjaro: Completed July 2011***
22. Visit Everest Base Camp
23. Learn survival training techniques
24. Go on safari
25. Attend a world cup final
26. Hold a guiness world record
27. To have flown first class
28. ***To have flown on a private jet: Completed January 2017** Video Here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZm-wBPsgTM
29. Complete a rubix cube
30. Get to level 6 on the piano
31. Learn the saxophone
32. Camp out at night in the desert
33. Go on an arctic cruise
34. Go Ice fishing.
35. ***Learn to build websites: Completed May 2012***
36. Own a Land Rover Defender modified
37. Learn Caligraphy
38. Learn to write in cursive